About Us

cbdsales.com.au is a property advertising website dedicated to the promotion of Australian Real Estate located in prime inner-city areas.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become Australia’s number one source of residential and commercial property for real estate investors looking for property located within Australia’s Central Business Districts. We understand that premium inner-city real estate has a specific target market and cbdsales.com.au delivers relevant content to a receptive audience. We see content focused marketing as providing a personalized service to customers looking for a specific class of asset and provide our audience with options, we believe will appeal to them.  

Our Mission

cbdsales.com.au provides real estate agents, property owners and developers with an alternative advertising platform to promote the sale of their assets to local and overseas buyers interested in premium inner-city locations. Setting us apart from other advertising portals is the fact that we do not require onerous long-term contracts, minimum spend commitments, and exorbitant listing costs. Advertising is an essential part of the sales process along with the role of Agents and lawyers therefore we are motivated by trying to reduce costs and increase our client return on investment.  

Our Future

Ongoing and increasingly high costs associated with property ownership can reduce the viability of an individual’s investments. Ultimately, we will provide lower cost advertising to sellers which will contribute to the profitability of their asset. We will also continue offering buyers a comprehensive range of choice and value for money.


Should you require any assistance in relation to creating your listing our friendly support staff are always happy to assist you.


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